touma real estate holdings, llc


Touma Real Estate Holdings, LLC is the fruit of many years’ vision, labor, and investment by Dr. Joseph Touma.   His deep love for the Huntington community and his abiding appreciation of historical architecture are reflected in the painstaking restoration of ten historic buildings at the core of Huntington’s historical shopping district.  

“I have had the unique opportunity to look through a window of the past and see the great people who had vision, dreams, determination and took chances to build a great city.  I was fortunate to sense the spirit of Huntington from the day it was built.  It was unique to see and live the changes in people’s taste during the process of peeling the many layers left by many generations who inhabited these historic buildings.  I was able to see, feel, and touch the exquisite taste of the men and women who built this wonderful city.  When I look at the great buildings our forefathers left us in downtown Huntington, I cannot help but be optimistic about the future.  Every generation has produced and will produce leaders with vision and determination to keep the tradition of greatness alive.”

Watch why Dr. Touma is so optimistic about Huntington’s future.


Dr. Joseph B. Touma