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welcome to the neighborhood trading area The tri-state is an area that is defined by the cities of Huntington WV Ironton OH and Ashland KY. Together those three cities and the area enveloped in them boast a population of over 365000. The median age is 40.4 and the workforce is over 125000 strong. The Charleston - Huntington MSA while a good indicator of the immediate trade area from which Pullman Center and Pullman Plaza will draw is not a true indicator of the dimension of the market area for this project. Based on the information we gathered through customer intercept interviews and license plate surveys we have defined a custom trade area that more accurately reflects where customers will be coming from. The Custom Trade Area has a population base of about 570000 persons and 220000 households. This is significantly larger than the MSA. The Custom Trade Area reaches beyond the MSA to include the cities of Gallipolis and Portsmouth Ohio Ranger Dunlow Kermit and Williamson West Virginia and Pikeville Paintsville Prestonsburg and Morehead Kentucky. This area of influence reaches roughly half the way to Charleston West Virginia one hour away Chillicothe Ohio two hours away and Lexington Kentucky three hours away. While this may seem like a large geographic trade area at first glance the larger area is justified because the population is less dense there is a very limited amount of competitive retail entertainment alternatives and the customer base is accustomed to driving you are here Like many other cities our region has shifted from an industrial landscape to professional service education and healthcare Our region has strong public private schools a major university branch campuses community technical colleges and vocational training. The crime rate in our area is very low. Our citizens are safe and protected. Median household income 2009-13 38374. BUSINESS education safety INCOME