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Nestled between established and reputable jewelry retailer C.F. Reuschleins and the highly-respected Mug and Pia specialty boutique 943 Third Avenue is a blank canvas awaiting your touches. This updated elegant space provides 2000 square feet of options. While the space is move-in quality today we will certainly accommodate the special requirements of any tenant. The intersection of Third Avenue and Tenth Street is a major convergence in downtown Huntington WV. One of the many areas of renaissance in downtown is the 900 block of Third Avenue. Directly across from Pullman Square the area now is home to the Marshall University School of Art Design. 32 12 5 53 49 35 40 62 43 22 9 763 VISUAL ARTS CENTER DINING SHOPPI RETAIL ENTERTA NIGHT L LODGIN BANKS GOVERN youvearrived youvearrived your vision for success 943 third avenue downtown huntington wv